Wednesday, 28 November 2012

What is Responsible for a Man's Sexual Gratification?

I got curious and wanted to get views from the male folks on sexual gratification.I simply wanted to know if  the lady's physical features, the act itself or other factors are responsible. I got something way out of what I expected.  What do you think?

Bran's opinion
To me, it means everything. The woman and her features determine if the act itself is satisfying. Sex is just sex but if added with the nature of the woman and aura(so to say) it is absolute bliss.

Ola's view
First, at my early age 17-23,it was about pleasure and had everything to do with the girl's physical features.  Although as a growing man,the act is in itself exciting.
However, when i hit age 25 and beyond, i discovered sex was a bonding agent/tool and should not be used where bonding is intended.
Furthermore, it came to my understanding that sex is to be given along with a feeling of love and not to be shared with all. Sex is the mature minds.

Anonymous lady's view
My own view is simple. Sex is bonding which should be reserved for marriage alone. It is specially arranged by God for that purpose.
It is one great thing that unites the couple and causes them to become one.
Outside marriage,it is all about transferring spirits from one person to the other. The more you have sex, the more of that person you become. The best place for that to happen must be marriage.

Any supporting or contrary views?

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