Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Top Ten Homosexual Spots in Lagos

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In Lagos, the most patronized areas by gays and lesbians are in no particular order,victoria Island and environs,Apapa,Ikeja,Surulere, and Festac Town.

1. A very Popular Club Located in victoria Island,Lagos – This Spot is a safe haven for homosexuals as it is not only for gays only,but their majority of patrons are men and women who are there to hang out with their same sex partners, you would usually find them in the VIP Lounge, also the usage of phones and other digital gadgets is highly prohibited as their clients are celebrities.
2. A Popular Cinema On The Island – This is a spot where lesbians converge to have their weekend meetings usually on saturdays. Its a girls only club with meeting place at this cinema. The ladies always come with guys who they use as camouflage so as not to arouse suspicions.
3. The National Theatre On The Mainland – This is another spot where homosexuals like to meet especially for events like birthdays.
homosexuals on lagos island4. The National Stadium Surulere – This is also another spot where same sex partners hang out in the name of coming in for sporting activities or the likes. Its a very common thing to see the homosexuals holding hands once its about 8 O’clock, this occcurs mostly on weekends. Lesbian prostitution thrives here so much that’s it has been tagged as the most notorious spot for homosexuals in Lagos. Also some female footballers practice open lesbianism without giving a damn who sees them.
5. Another Popular Club On The Mainland – This club not only has homosexuals as patrons but it also allows them to have exclusive heavily guarded parties, this club is NOT a gay only club, but the owner is gay-friendly.
6. An Old Hotel In Ikeja – More gays patronize this hotel than lesbians as it is a very common sight to see Old men also known as Sugar Daddies coming to pick up the young boys who usually hang around the hotels pool side.
7. Some Beaches In Lagos – For those in the know,some of the Lagos beaches are synonymous with gays and lesbians who throng their to throw ‘coded’ parties.
8. A Particular gym On The Island – This gym has a lot of gay patrons. Here, they could be registered as family members but a lot of goings-on at this gym have revealed that some of the men who come in there come in as bedmates.
9. A Gays Only Professional Club In Lekki – This Club allows only male professionals between the ages of 30 to 55 years. For the married men, there is a restriction which forbids them from flaunting their wives around their male lovers.
10. Online – A lot of meetings and arrangements takes place over the net where naija gays and lesbians find solace amongst one another and sometimes plan big parties.
Some of these popular sites are:
1. Manjam
2. Outpersonals
3. Friendfinders
4. GayDating
5. Gaydar (mostly Ghanaian And Nigerian Men)
6. Gayfriend Finder
7. Facebook



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