Friday, 14 September 2012

Lady Gang Leader ' Thief '

This lady led a team of robbers,  at around 2:00pm yesterday in Abuja, robbing a fellow lady.


They drove an Ash coloured Nissan Sunny car, but some people watched them as they robbed the lady.
 After the robbery, they were chased and they met up with traffic. Others quickly rushed out of the car and escaped but she was apprehended, then stripped naked.
Loads of ATM cards, passports of different people and many phones where recovered from their car. 
Wonders shall never end, these days, ladies are aspiring to be presidents,governors,big time CEOs, e.t.c Meanwhile,this chic was aspiring to be a gang leader. What a shame!

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Thanks for all your comments, I would like to receive your thoughts on my previous story, 'Ghanian Quack Doctor.'

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