Thursday, 4 October 2012

Teachers with Class - Happy World Teachers' Day

Agree with me, one teacher or the other is responsible for something you know today. Some of us may have not known we had that talent if a teacher did not tell us. For others,if that teacher wasn't tough of you,you might have given up on yourself. Lets celebrate our teachers and show them we are grateful.

Your humble blogger, Idara Umosen
Remember only those who teach really care,....winks.
Mrs. Adeyoyin Adesina,as a young teacher.

Mrs. Adeyoyin Adesina, Head of School

Indeed,she is a mentor,motivator and most of all a great teacher. Vast in knowledge and delivery. I am grateful and honoured to wish you a happy World Teachers' Day.

Mr. Ekeanyanwu,N.T.(Covenant University,Otta), is spotted in the middle of his old students,wearing a tie. He is at Coventry University ,United Kingdom, posing with his old students.

He is seen by his students as the teacher of all times. He was tough,practical and most importantly,his efforts were productive. He has produced graduates who he further stirred to Master in Communication and related courses all around the world. At  his mid 30s,he has taught students who are presently working on their PhD.

She is another great teacher who has shaped the lives of children. She specializes in teaching the Nursery pupils. After teaching for several years,she has grown to become the Head of a Nursery school.

I am proud to also be a teacher and I want to flaunt it - just a bit.

On the job.


Yeshua Abakasanga,Pry 2, wrote about her teacher.

Miss Omowunmi is the best. I love you so much. You are special to me. I love you forever and you are a great teacher. You are so smart and nice. You are the key to my heart. You are so precious. You are the best.

Folashayo wrote this to all teachers:
What a Teacher is Meant For

What a teacher is meant for is to learn with 
What a teacher is meant for is to understand with
 But I think a teacher if for fun

Have a great time.

6 years old


Ogochukwu Anene is a proud 21st Century teacher,risk taker and most importantly a child developer. She adds a lot of fun to her teaching and this is showcased in the pictures you can see above and below.
She has recorded tremendous progress from the pupils she has tutored in the past. She has been teaching since 2008.

From left Ruru Okotie and Mrs. Julliet Ugwu

Igbe Odagbali is a proud Nursery teacher.

Miss Oladimeji is a proud Home Economics teacher.

From L-R, Mrs. Lawal,Igbe Odagbali,Mrs. Oraelosi and in front Mrs. Arase

Adeola Ogunlela,Greensprings,Lekki
She has a passion in making readers  and writers out of children.

Oluwaseun Awodiji,Meadow Hall
This is a Mathematics/class teacher you would love to have as a teacher. she is intelligent,articulate and knows how to make a statement. she is a teacher with style.

Adeola Eresanya

She is is a proud teacher who has taught in American International School and Corona School.

Mrs. Bamituni Aye

She is a passionate teacher,sensitive to the learning needs of each child she teaches. She makes great writers out of her pupils.

Mr. Ogunlana is a mathematics teacher,LNG School,Bonny Island.
He brings in fun and excitement into his teaching.

Mrs. Majekodunmi,Nursery teacher and guider.

Miss Sarah Jatto
She is one of my early mentors in the profession;teaching for almost 15 years. You cannot take away the passion and love for teaching from her,it's so innate and this has won the hearts of  her colleagues,pupils and even their parents.

Eucharia Nmeribe 
She is no doubt a sound teacher who knows her onions,she works tirelessly to ensure the pupils under her develop the right learning skills to make them high flyers in the secondary school and she has done this with success year after year. She is also a guider and has mentored me on how to work with girls.

Sola Olasoji
She is a lover of children and works excellently with them. She has been in the business of teaching for almost 20 years and is not ready to stop. She is loving and her pupils just can't stop loving her back.
Mrs. Aruwa,Physical Education teacher.

Mrs. Shammah is a Nursery teacher.

Mrs. Olatunji

Share and re-tweet until we have your teacher's names,comments or pictures up here. It is not too late to send those details to me. I want to see or write names of teachers who are now grand or great grand.
Remember, that teacher who never gave up on you.

I will update as I receive news from you.


  1. This is so cool. Thanks for creating an album of great teachers! I take a stand for teachers today.

  2. You make me feel so proud of being a teacher.

  3. This is great, Idara. There are only two professions in the world: teaching and others. Wouldn't trade it for any other. From one great teacher to another, Happy Teachers' Day!

  4. Fantastic Job! i am so proud to be a teacher.

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