Thursday, 13 September 2012


The weekend is already here ladies, wow!  It’s been such an eventful week; I can’t wait to let my hair down. I plan to have a time of my life. I hope you also have a lot lined up for yourselves too?

So my ladies, amongst all the things you have set for the weekend, am particularly curious about that new date of yours.

  Oh yeah! I have got friends who are fascinated by hunky fresh dudes, some love guys with style and others just want a guy who can take care of them. I know someone who makes every effort to date the ‘hottest guy on the block’. Now think about it, what’s your own spec?

My girls, we've been too long fantasizing over guys who are handsome, well groomed, show stoppers, hot, all that, e.t.c.  We have set standards on the class and specie of guys who can come as close as talking to us.
Can I burst someone’s bubble here?  You’ve never gotten that kind of guy because you do not even stand a place; I’ll tell you how. Take a look.

Which of the two caught your attention positively? You be the judge. In mingling and conversing with gentlemen, I realised many of them also have their standards (like way up there).  So while we are busy wishing to have the good guys and also envying the chics who have got’em, I am here to tell you what you have heard before and may need to hear again. Since we have set high standards for our men, we shouldn’t expect different from them.


1.    BE VIRTUOS Some of us have very smelly and irritating attitudes, it’s highly repulsive.  Let’s make ourselves kind, patient, calm and real. No guy really likes a girl who’s uncontrollable. Just decide to imbibe more virtues than vices in your life, with time your virtues will naturally cause the law of attraction to work for you.
2.    DEMEANOUR – you should ooze of confidence (not pride).  When you carry yourself gracefully, it gives you presence. You have to comport yourself in a befitting manner all the time.  A chic that is sure of who she is, carries herself well.  You can roll with anyone (after all, all humans are equal). I have seen men and women without the looks, fame or money who are able to make strong connections with people of repute; it’s simply carriage.
3.    BE KNOWLEDGEABLE -   Ladies must make efforts to be as vast as possible, it’s a powerful tool.  Many years ago, I met a man in a social gathering. Somehow, we started a conversation and interestingly we got into a subject matter that happened to be my interest at that time. We flowed to the point that the guy wanted me to go with all our other friends to the next location, because I had already said I wasn’t going with them. What am I saying here?  I was not the prettiest or hottest girl there. As a matter of fact I was the worst dressed that day. The guy found an intellectual partner. More than how well you carry yourself, a real man wants substance to proceed from your mouth (not wish washy talks).
4.    SPICE UP YOUR APPEARANCE – For some of us, we need to replace that old blue jeans, change that old hairstyle, discard that ‘knock-about-slippers’ or buy a good perfume.  We have to look the part from top to toe.  My friend, a style consultant and CEO of Winston & David would say,  “yes, don’t judge a person by his appearance, but what’s wrong if your appearance speaks for you?” Take good care of yourself; look and smell nice.

Have a stress free weekend ladies and very importantly, get that guy.

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  1. awesome
    I am loving your blog by the minute
    the younger girls these days seem to pay more attention on their looks and ending up looking like barbie dolls , dumb blondes
    some cannot even speak good english enough to carry a conversation
    Girls should also attain to be spiritual and meek
    a meek and well-groomed woman will speak more to a man that a crass, uncultured barbie-looking half-nude girl.