Friday, 14 September 2012


Quack Doctor, Joshua Drah

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‘Dr.’ Joshua Drah,43 years old, a medical assistant ran an illegal abortion centre until his apprehension; it was called ‘Universal Mission Clinic.’ Here, he cajoled series of girls who came into his clinic to have sexual intercourse with him before performing an abortion on them. He tricked them to believing that the intercourse helped to open up the vagina/womb, and so made the procedure painless.

This man has unprotected sex with all these girls and attests to it. He does not also know his HIV status.

This video goes on to show the wonders going on in our world today. 
After watching this video, many of us would be fast to insult the lives of the girls for either being cheap sluts; being pregnant in the first place or for yielding to the ‘Doctor’s’ demand. 

I am not an advocate of ‘finger pointing’ so that is not my problem.

The first thing that comes to play in my mind is that those girls are daughters of people. So, it could have been Mrs. A or B’s child. 

Communication is very vital, you can’t imagine the extent to which young girls go or have gone. Their parents do not even have a clue. In fact as I speak, it is likely that a percentage of my readers have some skeletons in the closet.

Mothers please be friends with your daughters. Seek to know about them as a friend would. When they know they can confide in you there’s nothing in this world they won’t tell you. This way, you protect them from being exposed to dangers.

Likewise, dear explorers, there’s nothing as sure as being in mum or dad’s watchful eyes. It reduces the amount of hazards you’ll be exposed to.

In summary, let daughters bond with their parents and vice versa; it would help preserve values.

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