Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The Kind Of People Most Likely To Cheat

There are big temptations that lead anyone to stray. Below are examples of people who are likely to cheat.

hysical appearance and intelligence for example
Attractive, charming and educated people cheat more. So do people who’re adventurous and comfortable with danger and uncertainty – attitudes which also lead to status and success. Someone who’s rich and successful is much more likely to cheat than someone who isn’t.
Attitudes towards cheating also go with certain types of appearance.
So watch out for very masculine looking men. They tend to have a powerful dose of the hormones and attitudes associated with cheating. The same is true for gorgeous women.
Our genes also control our sex drive. A higher sex drive means you’re more easily aroused, more likely to cheat, and to crave the novelty and excitement of multiple partners. So if your partner has a high sex drive. Be careful with him/her.
Some people view love as a game of manipulation and power, rather than as a sacred bond.
They’re easy to spot from their more distant and calculating attitude towards you. They’re likely to stray with little guilt or remorse. They may even believe they have a right to cheat, because of how they see their gender role or their position in society.

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