Thursday, 27 September 2012

Marriage Break-Up Has Become A General Thing- Madam Saje (Yoruba Actress)

ruly, marriage break-up in Nollywood is so alarming that one start to thing if the party involved ever dated before running into it.
One of the actresses in Nollywood who has well-kept her marriage told that, marriage break-up is not only in Nollywood but in other spheres of life.

"Those of us whose homes are intact have them kept by God and not by any power of our own. Those whose marriages got broken, honestly, may not have had it so because of their younger ages, it could definitely for many other reasons. Mind you, this is not peculiar to us in the industry, it has become a general thing or should I say, a common thing these days. We should just pray for our youth and children as they grow up." She said.

When asked why she thinks our youth need marriage to be able to hold their home well, hear what she said "There is nothing too big for God to handle and when issues begin to get worrisome, prayer should be the next thing to resort to. What can anyone do? If we begin to shift blame on anyone now, it will definitely not solve the problem. But when we pray and counsel when necessary and more regularly, we are bound to solve the problem(s)."

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