Friday, 21 September 2012

Man caught selling vultures as roasted chicken in Port Harcourt

Port-Harcourt based business man(suya seller),thought deeply about ways to maximize his profit and this is the result.

This aboki was caught setting traps for vultures oh! He is a Mai Suya,he started off with roasting chickens until the Economic Downturn. The guy confessed that since chickens were becoming too expensive for him to make good gain in his business, he went into vulture roasting.

I have actually heard of and even tasted delicacies made with frogs, lizards,alligators,rabbits, dolphin/whale fins, human foetus,e.t.c
The problem I have with aboki is that he did not tell his customers that he had switched from chickens to vultures. OMG! Vultures are actually carnivores.

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