Friday, 21 September 2012

I am tired of this everyday Sexual Abuse on the Girl-Child : Can somebody tell me where the mothers went to?

It's one ravaging story or the other about a girl  or more being raped. I want to know where the discerning mothers I use to hear about went to.

All raped by one man (oral sex inclusive)
We are not being proactive. Something happens, and parents want to tear their child's head apart. Stop using corrective measures when it's too late, lay a foundation for your children.
I have met all sorts of girls and boys from childhood to adulthood. You don't bat your eyelids twice when you see a child who was properly raised.

Why are we all living in a denial of the truth? I am deeply pained and ready to dish it out to someone now. I thought the children are our hope,our future. We are even still expecting the beautiful ones who aren't born yet. What are we doing to secure the future for them?

What ever happened to values that the family system is supposed to protect. I believe the country has more irresponsible and funny parents than it did only a few years back.

It's true that there are certain occurrences that turn out to be inevitable even with good parenting, my problem is that we have lesser trying parents than we had years ago.

As parents, if we don't look out for the emotional,physical, psychological,mental and every other area of the child,who will?

In fact some children are wrongly exposed to silly things even by the parents,shame.

A conversation occurred and a young girl (5 years old)  argued with an adult that the attire for sleeping is the ''birthday suit''(nakedness). It was later she revealed that she knew that because her parents slept naked. That's absurd.

I once raged when I saw an adult watching a movie with serious sexual scenes with a 6 year old beside him. 

Early this year, a little girl of 10 years old,was paraded by her father because she had been having willful sex with a man almost her father's age. While her father was furious and dragged the man defiling his daughter to the hospital for tests and medication, her mother was just sitting there as if not interested about it. It was later we discovered that the mother was aware of the whole thing.

I see that girl almost everyday and am scared for her, because she has been exposed to something that can ruin her life forever. I look toward following up on her. I hope she would grant me audience.

If you go on you tube, you'll be amazed on the kinda videos that the teens have put up. Stop saying 'not your daughter.' Sometime in July, I met girls (Nigerians) ranging the ages of 12-15 talking about sex in the most crude form. They din't care that some adult was listening to them and that's because they would never see me again,neither was I their parent.
Those girls would never say such things close to their parents ears and yet they had the most innocent looking faces you could imagine.

It's really unsafe for you to allow your children to be exposed to certain things now,it would affcet their whole life and they'd turn out being less productive than they could be.
Parents need to be more vigilant,protect your children's future by talking to them from cradle about life,sex,responsibility,e.t.c. There's always how you say it to be age appropriate(contact me for details).

They should be aware. I have had to speak to a little girl(say 8)who I met, a man she knew was calling her 'baby' and I was not too comfortable with how it sounded. I walked to her later and needed to know who the man was. He had no close relations to her neither did he call her such names when her parents were there.

Ask your children purposeful questions. Hope you know that you can't start an 'assumingly' serious conversation with your child and expect her to pour you her heart(only on rare occasions)  to you. You must go about it as if you are 'gisting' with her. I already mentioned in older posts that you need to be a friend to your child, otherwise she'd wonder what you want from her as you start such conversations.

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