Wednesday, 7 November 2012

He makes demands on you - Make your demands too!

Pregnant Black lady
In the part of the world where I come from, women are often tagged as the victims of love. It’s usually from one story to the other. For many women, that continues in the cycle of their whole lives.

Now, tell me what’s wrong with that?I want to believe that there is something wrong with the way these women think and so, they carry themselves in a way that makes men behave to them in a certain way, thereby unconsciously conditioning themselves to remain the victims.
I have heard of and seen men who dated women and abused them to  stupor; thereafter dumping them and dating other women who they virtually worshiped.

Again, I would want to think that there is something wrong with a lot of us. More women get heartbroken and suicidal because of men and indeed the guys feel so cool about this. What went wrong?

We have killed our self-worth really bad and it shows in the way these men behave to us. We need to redeem ourselves by employing wisdom. You hear of a man and a woman in a relationship and soon after we hear the woman saying she was used and dumped.

One common sympathetic tale (so to say)  that we hear is of a man having carnal knowledge of a lady and later dumping her. This sounds crazy to me and it’s high time women began to use their God given brains to think.
I thought sex was meant to be pleasurable by both participants. If you were not raped by the man and you say he used you, check yourself again. My critics may want to argue that sex is more gratifying for a man than a woman, especially if certain things were not considered. So, that means a silly girl keeps having sexual intercourse with a man and cannot tell him she is not interested especially even when they aren't married.
It’s a man’s world but men also need women and so have no choice than to conform to certain standards which they believe the woman they love upholds. It is just so natural. We try to please these men to the point that they get so irritated by it.
What happened to your own mouth? Can’t you request for things that are important to you from your man? If you can’t then there’s a problem. It’s either you lack confidence or the guy knows you do not know your rights.
We have allowed guys to oppress us so much so that we do not even know that we have rights. If you say you are in a relationship with someone you supposedly love (vice versa) and cannot tell him yes or no when appropriate, you may need to have a second thought. At the end of the relationship, all you will be telling the world will be nasty stories.
Women love men who they feel secure with, who can provide for their needs (and wants), who is confident, loving, their hero and more. Do we demand these things when we are not getting them? Or we mute up and wish? I believe when the guy wants ‘some’ from you he uses his mouth right? Use yours.
If you find out that a guy does not show you love and care for a long time; is not making efforts; not saying anything about it but keeps demanding all sorts from you, you should see a counselor.  Sometimes it could be  that the guy is uninterested or you would even be shocked that he is oblivious to your needs. Not all guys are the same, some know how to use their initiative but others do not.
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