Monday, 8 October 2012

UPDATE On The Uniport Killings (More Facts Emerge) …Father Of Victim Speaks

The internet has been going viral with stories and pictures of four students of the University of PortHarcout who were allegedly killed for robbery.
As we dug deeper into our investigations.. We consulted some students on the campus and eye witnesses.. One of them had this to say:
“This is the real story: Ugonna has been complaining to his father that his house in school was being invaded all the time by armed robbers so he doesn’t sleep there. He had a friend in the community that he spends the night with. Himself and his room-mate were coming back from where they went to spend the night when they met their other friends: Chiadika & Llyod so they decided to go together.
On their way Llyod said he wanted to collect his money from someone who was owing him.. In the cause of collecting the money, The whole situation went bizzarre and turned into a fight. The guy who was owing them started screaming and the vigilante group was alerted and they thought they were the criminals that have been disturbing the community since they were more in number than the guy who they went to collect the money from.
This is the real story, No Laptop, No Cultism involved. The guys were very homely and they were all good christians. Also their parents are very comfortable and provide all they need for them, Lord Have Mercy On Us”
Could this be what really
 happened? If it is.. Then there is a lot of problem here. A very big twist.
Meanwhile the father of one of the victims ‘Onyema Baringa’ who we gathered is a well to do ‘Senior Manager at the Pipelines and Products Marketing Company (PPMC), a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)’ and by all rights should be able to buy any model of Phone or Laptop for his son has broken the silence.. Here is what he said:
“I have handed over the murderers to God,” – he told a relative last night after his son ‘Chiakadiobi’ was buried amidst tears in Obowo, Imo State.
Writing on Facebook, one of his relatives, Okonkwo Queen, said:
“My eyes are filled with tears. My dear brother may your soul rest in peace.”
We pray that God would give the families the fortitude to bear the loss oo!! This is sad..
I also want to use this medium to call on security operatives and the Government to look into this matter closely and fish out the people who perpetrated ‘JUNGLE JUSTICE’ on these young students..
I believe It is the role of the government to ensure that safety of its citizens is not left to another mans kindness or wickedness!

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