Sunday, 21 October 2012

My Wife Used Charms On Me, Husband tells court

A 50-year- old man, Chukwugozie Opara, of 58, Yaya Abatan Road, Ogba, accused his wife of charming him to love her. Meanwhile, the wife, Priscilla, denied the allegation.
The husband informed an Agege Grade A Customary Court, sitting in Lagos, that he did not know how he got himself attached to her, adding that he would not have slept with a lady of her type.”For six years, l followed her like a sheep being led to be slaughtered. If not for God, she would have killed me or made me mad”, he said.
Opara also claimed that Priscilla made life unbearable for him as she was quarrelsome.
”One of our pastors in church that wanted to settle our quarrel died a few days to the meeting, and my wife said she was the one that killed him”, the husband stated.

He said that the wife told him that she made her ex- husband mad, and adding that his wife abandoned their son for him when he was two months.
He urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant him custody of their only child. Priscilla, resident at 5, Aina Ajob Street, Ogba, denied the allegations and said she lived with Opara with a true and honest heart, but “he treated me so bad, and threw me out of the house”.
She added: “I was told by one of our pastors that my husband was once mad, but I did not believe until he exhibited the trait”. She agreed with her husband that the court should dissolve the marriage but grant her custody of her child. The court dissolved the marriage “because it has broken down irretrievably”.
It granted custody of the only child of the marriage to Opara (the plaintiff).He ordered that Priscilla should have access to the child every holiday to enable his mother see him and give motherly affection.

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