Friday, 5 October 2012

I'm 32, He's 21 - My Parents Disapprove

I am a single parent with two children. I am 32 years old, financially stable. My boyfriend is 21. We met about a year ago and, given our age difference, tried to analyze, dispel, and rationalize away the bizarre attraction, but love prevailed.

My family and friends have responded with tremendous rejection and anger. But the relationship between my children and my boyfriend is as caring and positive as ours. I often feel I am on a roller-coaster as to what I should do.

My boyfriend has proposed. My heart says yes!--jump up and down, shout for joy, this is my soulmate, etc. But I have not given him an answer, nor have I told anyone.

My parents are both in their 70s, and I'm worried because my father recently had a heart attack and bypass surgery. Since my children are also involved, the guilt trip and rejection have placed a tremendous burden on me. What should I do, I love this boy.

Please Help

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