Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Help! My Boyfriend Likes Wearing Women’s Underwear

When my boyfriend and I first got together a year ago, our sex life was romantic and playful. We made love in conventional ways and as a lover he was very considerate. But as our relationship grew it got to the point where he began sharing his more kinky side and expecting me to participate. In particular he confessed that he likes to wear female undergarments under his work suits, and have sex while wearing one of my nighties. At first I thought this was a bit of a hoot but he has become more insistent on dressing this way, even though I've explained it’s a turn-off for me. Is he really gay? I’m wondering if we have a future together.
Anonymous Sender

Dear Miss Anonymous,

I sincerely cannot help help laughing at this. However, this must be a tough situation for you. It is indeed a big turn off and simply abnormal…ask him more questions or there’s something new the guy will introduce very soon. Beware,he may just invite another guy for a 3 some.

I advice that you both have a serious conversation. Let him tell you all of him...it's high time you know if the underwear thingy can ever stop.

In my own opinion, this guy has an even more adventurous side that may shock you. Make decisve and drastic steps.

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