Monday, 22 October 2012

Funny Things Nigerians Do - Are they really true?

Here's what someone things about Nigerians,but are they really correct information or basic assumptions?

Nigerians love arriving late to an occasion just because they feel others would arrive late too - AFRICAN TIME

Nigerians wear suit and tie & walk under very hot weather

More than 90% of the music CD's and cassettes in most Nigerian homes are illegal copies 

Nigerians like to take away food from a party

Nigerians like talking all at the same time, they don't give each other a chance to state their views

Pot belly in Nigeria is not regarded as obesity but as being rich

Nigerians flash you with private number

Nigerians are very loud especially when they are talikng on the mobile phone

Nigerians wear sun glasses at night 

Nigerians run in the rain even though they already wet

Nigerians keep used things

Nigerians keep old newspapers

Nigerians answer questions with questions

Nigerians love to drive the best cars even if they are starving at home and can't afford to eat

Nigerians always use 'o' at the end of everything 

A Nigerian calls every elderly family friend uncle or aunty

Nigerians love shortcuts, they never want to follow the normal way of doing things, everything is always wanted asap (as soon as possible)

Nigerians won't come out to announce that they are gay

Some Nigerians will go to South AFrica for one week and come back with American or British accent

Nigerian parents like to sew uniformed outfits for u and ur siblings for special occasions

Nigerians throw parties and block the whole street because of it

Nigerians party away at someone's funeral, shouldn't they be mourning?

Nigerians like wearing asho ebi (wearing the same attire )during parties

Nigerians love to crush their chicken bones and fish bones

Nigerian eat their meat before or after eating their meal 

Nigerian mums especially would force you to eat even if you weren't hungry or when ur sick

Nigerian homes always have a cane

Nigerians can quarell anytime, anywhere, anyday

The first thing a Nigerian will learn in another language is abuse

Nigerian parents always take the First positions in class when they were in school

Nigerian parents always compare their kids to their neighbours 'well behaved, excellent, intelligent, good mannered' kids

In nigerian movies, the sound track of the movie is playing R'n'b the actors and actresses are dancing makossa

Nigerians love to invite people to occassions they have been invited to

Nigerian mothers are always the head girl in school 
while the fathers are always the school prefect

Nigerians play music very loud

Nigerians dont wait to be called by God before they set up their church in the garage

Nigerians smile to ur face and frown at ur back

If someone dies in Nigeria, they don't believe it is natural 
they believe someone has done it

Nigerians borrow something from you and wait till u ask them before they return

Nigerian Mothers remind u they carry your pregnancy for nine months when u refuse to go on errands for them

Nigerians will tell u they're 'coming' while they're going

Nigerian couples like wearing 'uniform'

Nigerians see u awake in the morning and ask u" u don wake"

Nigerians will spend so much on someone's funeral when they could have given him/her half the money when he was alive

Nigerians have an extra name for every thing

Nigerians dey pretend say dem holy

Nigerians in Nigeria dont have to run for the bus, instead the bus run after them

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