Thursday, 27 September 2012


This has been such an active week for me and my colleagues  already. If you were to check the temperature of our brains you'd scream, cos the brain has been working 'bad.' 

As tired as I get home,I try to pamper myself (just a little bit) and then go to bed. I really don't have much things to think about other than my job and other passions and desires. Just as am blogging now, I have got loads of colleagues who have one hand feeding their babies,their husbands and organizing their children for school tomorrow and also trying to prepare  breakfast (for tomorrow) and maybe lunch because we would be having a long day tomorrow. 

This evening, I got in,had a shower and got in a chit chat , strolled to the kitchen had a fantastic goat meat pepper soup (which I did not cook) and now am blogging and next thing, l am thinking of my bed. The only stress that could come to my mind is making sure am ready for that big day at work tomorrow. That's an example of a single girl's life.

I have learnt to live my life to the fullest;not irresponsibly, like we may have done before. Living your life to the fullest as a single is the best thing to do for yourself now. Read this excerpt from Atoke's write-up:
Do you agree that with marriage comes an automatic end to night life grooving? Or are you one of those people who would say, “hey, being married isn’t the same as being in shackles! I gotta let my hair down!” Would you preclude your partner from attending certain gigs because it’s not befitting of her/his status? Or would you say “Baby! Let’s get this party going.”
I have got loads of married friends and sometimes, I do not envy them because I have got all my time to myself. However, very soon all the single ladies will have to get married and live with their husbands. 

Like I discussed with a friend yesterday,  all  that many single girls around the world spend their time thinking of is  getting married and starting a family - what next? From experiences, I have realized women look forward to being married than men. 
Most times,I doubt that we ladies look beyond the wedding and bliss and having children call you mum. We do not remember that our husband will annoy us so bad and yet we would have to serve him his meal,rub his back,keep on our toes to keep him home and much more. 

Marriage is a covenant meant for a life time and so we must be ready for it with every bit of our selves. Stop killing yourself about that man. 

What are you doing to make sure he'll treasure you forever when he is in your life? 

So while you await that Charming, live for something and don't hope or look forward to having a life when u finally get married- life can start now. Our problem is that we want shoulders to lean on,you know how we keep fantasizing about how rich he would be and through that we would start that dream business. How he must be impeccable so we can show him off to our single friends or even the married ones( you know na). I used to think that way but, I was so wrong.

Let's be something valuable to our marriages. We should stop looking for what to get in marriage but what to give. I really want my husband to respect me and know that he did not hook up with a liability,so i'm working on it. What about you?

I have met excellent communicators who I want to be like, while am still working on that, please manage me. There's always a lot to say but how to say it can be tough. I will get there. Here's a summary of my thoughts(subject to criticism).

  • Now you are still single, appreciate it and enjoy it with all of your being
  • Prepare adequately to be 'that wife'
  • Live for something
  • Become valuable
  • The guy would would see and want you
  • Blow that guys mind; he would not want to leave you for anything
  • Be that wifey
Ms Umosen....... love yourself, others will love you too..

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