Sunday, 16 September 2012


Hurray, it’s a new week! Now someone is wondering what my excitement is about. So many conventional employees never look forward to a Monday.  All the same, Monday will come and we must be ready for it.
So what’s your plan for this week? For some, planning comes naturally and for others they have to work hard at doing it. If you are like me, you may have to make extra efforts to ensure you make a plan for the week.  

I have something I would like to share with you today; it would be great adding it to your plan for the week.
Here’s something that’s very important to me, our pubic area.  As far as I am concerned, it’s one of the priciest possessions a woman has and so she must treat with the highest level of respect and care. This is something every girl must know as soon as she can use the toilet and clean after herself.

Most shockingly, numerous ladies totally neglect this great treasure and treat it anyhow. Ladies, we spend all the time in the world painting our faces and taking care of the superficial. What happened to you ‘your pubes or pubis’?

I have heard guys who go into ‘gayism’ saying that they can’t stand the way many girls smell. I have also heard of men who cheat on their wives because the place that they should be eager to launch into has a repulsive smell.

I try to educate young girls about hygiene as it concerns this area and am pleased that I can now reach out to ladies and women because we are still failing in this.

1.     Ladies please spread your legs and wash up very well at bath time. There are lots of vaginal washes everywhere but a simple toilet soap can do.
2.     Always clean up after using the toilet, even after urination. I have seen women at this age and time going in and out of a toilet without any cleaning agent. Did you know that when this pee dries up on your skin or panty, you smell? You will be surprised how smelly you could be and not know, but others will.
·        I always recommend the use of water to wash up after a pee (when this is possible).  You may use toilet rolls after the wash; this totally helps eliminate the pee and then keeps you dry.
·        I recommend ladies to have wipes; this keeps you clean and smelling fresh.
3.     Shave your pubic hair, this way no unwanted pee gets stuck to the strands of your hair. It also reduces the sweat in that area.
4.     Change and use clean panties regularly. Hope you know you can’t wear a panty for 24hrs? If you do that, you’ll smell in a hurry.
5.     Nutrition: yoghurt is very good for the vagina. It’s either you drink it or rub it on your vagina; it has been said to help reduce/eliminate discharges. It is also brilliant for eradicating foul odours. Cranberry juice is good too; it contains agents that help your vagina during yeast infections.

In our secondary schools, we hear of ‘thrush’ vaginal infections. This happens because the girls are not adequately informed about what it is and how to prevent it.  Girls should be informed on how to use public toilets or how to avoid it as much as possible. Our makeup is different, two people may use the public toilet and only one may come out with itches.

The responsibility is on us to make sure we educate others about this. If you have adolescents/teenagers in your care you should seek to know them. Ask them if they experience itches or see discharges. They are people trying to be aware of who they are and so need all the guidance in the world.

If you are waiting for a teenager to tell you she’s experiencing itching or discharges you may be disappointed. Not all vaginal infections are related to being dirty or promiscuous. Treat the young ladies you guide and yourself with care. Any anomaly experienced at that region should find its way to the hospital. I hope we know a little infection not treated can grow to affect a woman’s fertility and we know the consequences, especially in Africa.

Women, please and teach the younger ones coming behind about the pride of our pubis.
I don’t know about you but when I leave my house every morning, I feel good about myself because I know I smell fresh from within. Let’s make smelling nice from within be a target this week.
Have a splendid week.

NB:  I am so grateful for the innumerable responses and support from you. It’s quite a pity that dropping off comments has been difficult. I am working on this and would make sure the blog is as interactive as possible. Meanwhile, my email ( is also open for your contribution. Thank you.

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