Monday, 24 September 2012

Hustles and Bustles- are Lagosians busy doing nothing?

By Idara Umosen

These thoughts just came to my mind, how many of us really get busy doing something useful? These days, the cliché, ''I'm busy''  is not far fetched, does this business usually end up productive or otherwise?

I live in the city of Lagos aka GIDI; in my opinion,one of the busiest cities on earth. Lagos is full of people and when you look around you,every body is actually busy doing something. We are always on the go and we all live and move like we have an  emergency situation.
If you spent your whole life somewhere cool and calm and and were dumped in Lagos,you could actually be in shock on how we live our lives here. Its so unique,the only city where buses never stop to pick up or drop off passengers. In Lagos,everybody's blood is hot (impatience).

I wonder if I can live in any other city for a prolonged time because, Lagos makes me feel am  in a place where things  happen. One question I dare to ask myself and other Lagosians is, ''are we really busy doing things that are worthwhile or just moving with the flow?''

You must have heard this phrase, ''busy doing nothing."

It is very easy to move along with the crowd and feel  'among' but,we must make up our minds to know what we want. At the end of the day,it would not matter how much one spent, laboured or how many miles one travelled to get something done.

We would be judged by the quality of our results.

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